Friday, April 1, 2016

Busy Bees

Nope, not a pun. It was 70 degrees out today and the bees were out and about. The elderchild and I went out to watch them after I got home from work. They still seem to have honey stores and a lot of fondant left. I had been planning on taking off the insulation and removing the fondant boards this coming Sunday but now they say it will be rainy and cold so we'll be postponing that a week or two.

The bees were bringing in bright yellow pollen, likely from dandelions, and BLUE pollen. I'd been hoping I would get to see this. Blue pollen comes from Siberian Squills, those pretty little blue flowers that come up just after crocuses in the springtime. I even planted a bunch of bulbs last fall because I wanted to have some around EXACTLY so I could see the bees bringing blue pollen home. Well, it worked. And they came in with their pollen sacs positively laden with bright, rich blue. I wish I'd had my cell phone with me; I would have taken pictures!

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