Saturday, July 11, 2015

Blueberry Season

The 13-year-old went blueberry picking the other day with a friend. I found a tremendously large bag of berries in the fridge when I got home, and we decided I should make a pie. Here's the filling:

6 cups blueberries
6 T. tapioca
1.25 cups dark brown sugar
juice from half a lemon

The tapioca is definitely better than cornstarch for keeping the pie from being too runny, but some of the tapioca pearls did not get incorporated into the filling as completely as I expected. The crust was half butter, half lard, and the pie was baked, covered, at 425 for 20 minutes, then at 375 for another 15 minutes before removing the foil and baking for another 30 minutes at 375. I also made a cheese tart and a jam tart. We had those for snacks. Yum!

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