Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Apple Picking Season

We went apple picking 2 days ago - to a different farm (Shelburne Farm) this time.  It was a family outing through my husband's workplace.  It's never a bad idea to check out other farms, and this one is closer and was pretty nice.  We came home with a half-bushel of Empires and Cortlands and I promptly took a nap because I was working overnight.

Today I made a batch of chunky applesauce:  12 Cortlands, 1.5 cups sugar and 1.5 cups water.  This made exactly 2 quarts.  I still have 6.5 quarts of applesauce left over from last year so I don't need to make as much this year.  There will be a lot of baking in the next few days...

Also this morning I started a new batch of yogurt.  It'll be done this evening when I get home from work. 

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