Thursday, August 28, 2014

Peaches, Hot and Cold

Hot pack and cold pack, that is.

After running a few errands this morning, one of which was to buy more lids, I made a second batch of peach jam.  I then set to work on putting up the rest of the peaches in syrup.  First I made 4 quarts of cold pack peaches.  Then I made a second batch of syrup and started working on the rest of the half-bushel while those processed in the canner.  Because I was done long before the canner was, I put all the peach slices in the hot syrup so, when it came time to put them in jars, they were a little smaller and fit into 3 quarts.  So, that's it for the half-bushel.  14 cups of jam and 7 quarts of sliced peaches in syrup.

I owe my kids a pie.  I'll buy more peaches next week (not by the half-bushel, though), and make one.

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