Thursday, January 16, 2014

Taste Test

Today I finally felt the robiola due latte was ready.  In fact, one of the cheeses had to be tossed because the rind developed a crack and it leaked liquidy cheese.  That was the one that had the most mold so I didn't really feel bad about it.

These were washed with a light brine every 2-5 days and kept in the garage in a tupperware container.  The garage got as cold as 45 but no warmer than 60 degrees.

I will admit, I'm rather insecure about this.  Some of them are more moldy than others, but they do all seem to have a rind and a creamy, somewhat acidic cheese on the inside. I don't think these are ready for prime time yet, but it's not inedible.  Although I haven't eaten the rind yet.  I've been cutting that off...

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