Friday, August 30, 2013

Dilled Red Carrots

In yesterday's farm share there were red carrots.  At first glance, they didn't look all that red, but when I got them home and compared them to regular carrots then it was obvious.  Pinky red.  There were a lot of them, part of the 6 pounds of mix and match that Stephanie and I split.  I brought home 2 pounds of very petite carrots, thinking I could pickle them whole.  Today that's just what I did.

I'd grabbed dill flowers while I was at the farm, enough for 6 jars of carrots.  Using the Dilled Carrots recipe from The Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving I made a full batch of brine because I thought I would get 4 or 5 jars.  After scraping all the carrots they were so skinny I only got 3 jars.  There are a few orange carrots mixed in which only serve to make the rest stand out.  So pretty!

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  1. I found red carrots last week and pickled them with jalapenos. The brine turned a fun red color.


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