Thursday, June 20, 2013

Strawberry Everything!

The farm where I pick strawberries has been open for a week but it's been so wet and cool that the strawberries were slow in ripening.  I figured by now there would be enough ripe ones to pick as I like to get a lot for canning.  It was slower going than usual because the ripe berries weren't all that plentiful but with some persistance I came home with 11 and a half pounds of berries.

First I made strawberry jam - using the powdered pectin recipe I got 10 cups of jam.  One of the jars didn't pop so it's in the fridge and we'll just eat that first.  (Never a problem....)  Then I made a single batch of the strawberry lemonade concentrate.  I still have a few jars left over from last year that I'll finish up before dipping into this year's batch.  Then I made myself a smoothie with a few berries, some homemade yogurt, the foam from the lemonade concentrate, and a little honey.  After a trip to the grocery store to get jalapeños, I made strawberry jalapeño jam.  The website where I found the recipe originally seems to be gone, so I'll write down what I did from another website so I'll have it.  4 cups crushed berries, 1 cup minced jalapeños  1/4 cup lemon juice, 1 package of powdered pectin and 7 cups of sugar.  I got 9 cups of jam from that batch.

Tomorrow I'm making strawberry shortcake for dessert so I set aside 1.5 pounds of berries with a little sugar for that, and I put aside another quart of berries to make a pie on Saturday.  That leaves a little more than a quart for eating, and all the berries are accounted for!

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  1. Wow, you have been busy today! All that work but it sounds like you'll be in berries for a while! Toast or biscuits, anyone? Mom


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