Thursday, June 13, 2013

First Farm Share of the Year

Ever since I started getting a farm share I've eagerly awaited the first day of the season.  That was today.  Usually we just get a little bit, enough for one meal.  Not today!

I came away with:  1/2 pound of mustard greens (and a plan to pickle them, maybe tomorrow), a bunch of arugula, a pound of spinach, a bunch of radishes, a bunch of Hakurei turnips, a bunch of swiss chard, a head of Napa cabbage, 40 (yes, 40. Forty. Four-oh.) garlic scapes, a pint of strawberries, and a pint each of snow and shell peas.  That is a lot of food.  Mostly greens.  I'm hoping Mocha will help make a dent but he hasn't seemed so interested in the radish and turnip greens so far.

Adding to the greens:  last night our mason came to our door with a HUGE grocery bag crammed full with lettuce.  I hope we can get through it before it goes bad!

Tonight's dinner, therefore, featured a large salad.
Lettuce, arugula, spinach, turnips, radishes, strawberries, peas, tomatoes and goat cheese.  With a little balsamic vinegar.  Yum.

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