Sunday, August 5, 2012

Green Tomato Ketchup

Now that I had 15 green tomatoes from the farm share, what was I to do with them?  I still have piccalilli and green tomato chutney from the last time and, while I like the green tomato chutney a lot, I just don't use that much chutney.  But there was this other recipe for green tomato ketchup and it seemed interesting and easy.

Well, easy is a relative term.  The steps were simple enough, but labor intensive.  And I made it harder on myself by making a terrible mess!  Note to self:  don't fill the blender more than halfway if you are blending something hot, and hold the lid on TIGHT.  Yeah, you can imagine what happened today in my kitchen.

Even after starting with slightly fewer tomatoes than the recipe required, and adjusting the ingredients accordingly, I ended up with more than the recipe said I should get - 6.5 pints, rather than 6, when I should have had about 5.5.  Not sure what happened there except maybe since I used the food mill instead of a wire strainer I got more liquid?  I am a little worried that I made runny ketchup so I hope that it gets thicker when it cools.

My husband thinks it looks like some sort of witch's potion.  Especially when it was bubbling slowly on the stove.  It does taste good and it was a good way to finish up my local honey which had crystallized and was no longer pourable. 


  1. Never heard of green tomato ketchup before but I did make green tomato mincemeat filling one year and it was great!

  2. It looks really good in the picture but I do have such a hard time using that much honey in a recipe. I love honey in my coffee and the raw honey here is $8 a pint and I don't get it very often. Anyway, good way to use up those green tomatoes and if I ever get bees...I am sure I will remember this :)

    1. If you get bees I'm going to have to come visit and learn how to keep bees. It's something that I have always been curious about but have a hard time reconciling with my rather urban setting!


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