Friday, March 30, 2012

Stealth Greens

Yesterday I found that our grocery store was having a meat sale.  I love it when they do that - mix and match 5 items for $20.  I got 2 packages of chicken cutlets and 3 packages of bacon (I was a little late and missed out on some of the variety).  Some of that went in the freezer, but I used 1 package of the chicken to make chicken parmesan.  I made it in 2 casserole dishes - one with nettles and one without.  I know what I can get away with as far as feeding the 6 year old, and this was not going to fly.

When adding the nettles, I pulled a little package of them out of the freezer; these are the ones I froze last fall.  I chopped it finely, still mostly frozen, and sprinkled the nettles between the layers of chicken before it went into the oven.  When my husband came home, he said, "Why is it green?"  I said, "Think of it as a florentine."

He did admit, after a few bites, "You know, nettles have a really nice flavor."


  1. I made homemade pasta with nettles and my boys actually liked it and requested more. I guess they liked homemade green noodles. I even told them what was in it. Truly amazing.

  2. I planted 400 seeds of nettles last year, that's how much I love it. Unfortunately only 4 seeds were productive, I guess the rest was just washed away with a heavy rain we had last spring. So far, I have no luck with nettles in this parts of the country. Yes, nettles have a very nice flavor. It taste like spring to me...:)

  3. Agreed, and I think I will have to try that pasta recipe. The stables have said I can forage as much as I want there! And with the fact that the more I trim the nettles, the more they grow, it's something we're going to be eating often.... :-)


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