Wednesday, March 21, 2012

81 Degrees!

That's how hot it was today.  In March.  In Massachusetts.  To use the local vocabulary, "It's wicked weird."

Spring also means that the nettles are starting to grow again at the stables, so after my ride today I grabbed my gardening gloves and got to work.  I picked about 3 cups of nettle shoots, generally 3-4 pairs of leaves per shoot.  When we got home I blanched them, drained them, squeezed out the water, and then things got interesting:

The nettles were sauteed in canola oil and butter, with some pepper and some of those field-garlic-chive like things.  Then when they were almost crispy they were drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  They were GOOD.


  1. I have never tried nettles (don't really know what they are) but always thought that I would like them.

  2. I love nettle soup, and just found two tiny shoots on my front yard, and can't wait util they grow a bit bigger so I can have at least for a two servings of soup...:)

  3. Becky, read this blog for a nice description of nettles. They have amazing amounts of vitamins and minerals and I like how they smell and taste. Just remember to wear gloves when you go after them!


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