Sunday, June 12, 2011


Yesterday we were in the toy store looking for a birthday present and I found these.

They're brilliant. I had to buy them. So I did. I found out rather quickly that:
1. I am not a professional cookie decorator.
2. Red frosting should not be used over a carpet.
3. Getting them to look like the ninjas on the box is almost impossible.
4. The kids don't care about them looking like the ninjas on the box. Only I do.
5. I should not worry so much about perfection.
6. Edible markers are your friends.
It's a whole army of ninjabread warriors!

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  1. We found these last fall and had fun with them! I like to do my cookies with an egg wash rather than frosting (I'm not a frosting fan) so you can literally paint details in egg wash prior to baking. It was tons of fun to make them with the kids.


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