Friday, April 29, 2011

Violet Jelly

And the (now) 6 year old loves it and even asked for more!

The recipe comes from here although I found similar recipes all over the web. The violets are from the front yard and I spent a few peaceful moments picking them this morning. Then I washed them and steeped them for 3 hours.

We took the liquid outside so I could demonstrate to the 6 year old the coolness of it changing color with the lemon juice. It's really cool. You should try it. It's fun!

I ended up with 9 4-ounce jars of jelly and a little bit leftover which likely won't last long. Especially since the little one loves it. It's light and sweet and I guess it tastes like violets. I haven't ever eaten a violet before so how would I know?


  1. I have this posted on my blog as well. I have been making it for years because we have so many violets that grow in our "lawn".

  2. So, would you have a suggestion or two of what to serve it with?

  3. We eat ours on bread or biscuits just like any other sweet jelly.

  4. Thanks Donna -It tastes delicious but I can't say that I really detect "violets" (altho as you said, we don't eat violets often!) Perhaps as one is eating her way thru it the "whiff" suddenly comes along! What a nice surprise!


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