Friday, April 1, 2011

Maybe the Excitement has Worn Off?

I certainly hope not, but today's sausage making extravaganza was an exercise in tedium. I don't remember having so much trouble stuffing the casings before!

About a month ago I saw pork shoulders on sale, so bought a couple and froze them until I had a chance to work with them. Today I cut them up and seasoned them for bratwurst, then put them into the fridge for a few hours. The recipe comes from Charcuterie, a simply gorgeous book if you are into meat. Once ground, the seasoned meat was mixed with egg and cream and then stuffed into the casings. I ended up with 21 brats, much more uniform in length than the last batch, and really sore shoulders from shoving all the meat mixture into the extruder. Which was surprisingly difficult.

I have had a few bites of the sausage mixture cooked up for a snack, and the tedium is worth it.

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