Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pressure Canning, Again

What else do I do when I roast a chicken? 6 pints of stock, 4 quarts of soup.

While that is going on, the 8 year old had a cooking lesson, the first in a long time and hopefully this will be a weekly thing. Corn flake & panko chicken, brown rice, and (soon) a salad plate. Managed the oven and everything. I'm very proud!


  1. You're very industrious.
    I haven't done anything besides working on installing a tile floor. And that is NOT fun. : (

    Hope your day is awesome!

  2. Hey, Meadowlark, good to hear from you! That sounds like a lot of work. Hope you put up pix on your site soon!

  3. Had sochicke the chicken vegetable soup today. It's very good. Thanks D!


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