Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gardening Update

April and May are always really busy months for me, since not only do I have a full time job and a family, but I am also an elected Town Meeting Member and Town Meeting starts in April. 3 hours a night twice a week until all the business of the Town is done. Takes about 11 sessions. So I am not sure I am going to have a whole lot of time to can things at least for another week or so. First on my agenda, though, is mint jelly. The mint is starting to come up and pretty soon I'll have enough to make a batch.

In the meantime, my peas have started to sprout.
I can't tell what the leeks are supposed to look like, but I don't think they are doing as well as the peas. I also planted 4 pumpkin seeds and 4 kabocha squash seeds with the hope that maybe they'll do something. The rhubarb is growing, but the stalks are very small and not getting much larger. This is the same problem I had last year, and I was hoping that if I left it alone near the compost heap and didn't move it much then this year would be better. It doesn't seem to be shaping up that way.

Lastly, in a week or so I'm going to try to start the roof top garden. I have decided I will not buy the plants at Wal-Mart this year, and will stick to a local garden shop instead. Hopefully they will do OK up there!

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