Monday, August 3, 2009

Mr. Sipya, I'm thinking of you

You know how it is. You have a memory of something from your childhood and, no matter what, every new experience just doesn't stack up. You try, you keep an open mind but, nope, it's not IT.

I have this problem with bread and butter pickles.

When I was growing up, just down the road was a little farm stand. Mr. Sipya's farm stand. Probably his was one of many, but it was to his that we went. Mr. Sipya was a nice little elderly man who made the best bread and butter pickles EVER. Or so it seemed at the time. His little farm stand closed down long before I left home for college, but those pickles have become legendary in my mind, and nothing I have eaten since can match them.

I have tried to find his recipe. I googled for him, and the name of our town, and did not have any luck. I am now on my 3rd different recipe for these pickles, hoping that this batch might be THE ONE. (Granted, batch #2 wasn't really an effort to match his pickles considering I was using rice vinegar.) But I am holding out hope that today's batch is closer.

Wish me luck.

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