Friday, February 2, 2024

Sourdough Bread Bowls

I've been teaching the youngerchild to cook and one of the things we made this week was beef stew. There was a lot left over, so we decided it would be fun to try to use Legion to make bread bowls. Last night I mixed up the dough:

150 g Legion (starter)

6 cups bread flour

3 cups water

1 oz olive oil

1 T. sea salt

After letting it rest for 30 minutes, I pulled and folded it 5-6 times every half an hour for a total of three times. I ended up having to lightly oil the bowl, too, since it was really sticky (maybe do this first next time?). Then I left it overnight to ferment. 

This morning I shaped it into three small round loaves and lined three salad bowls with floured cloth. The loaves were placed seam side up in the bowls, covered with the cloth and then put in the fridge. On top of the cloth I used plastic cover them all to help keep the moisture in.  

This evening, about six hours later, I flipped the loaves onto baking sheets lined with parchment and dusted with cornmeal, slashed them with a knife, and baked them for 40 minutes at 450˚F. 

It's a similar bread to the sandwich loaves I've been making for years but the extra manipulation led to a lighter crumb which was exactly what I was hoping for.

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