Monday, February 22, 2021

I Have an Oven, and It Works

For as long as it's been since my last post, one would think we'd have completed our reconstruction by now. HAH.

Regardless, when we left off, they were about to install the toilet and sink in the powder room. That room is now functional, and it even has electricity (we had a lantern in there for a while), and it's almost done. The upstairs bathroom is mostly tiled, not painted, has a functional sink but no toilet and the shower isn't fully installed. Forget about the shower door, they just measured for that last week. At least the radiant flooring works, but we have to get an account set up to control it. 

Most exciting, of course, is the kitchen. The electric wall oven does work, and over the weekend I cooked our first meal in it! Baked chicken, sweet potatoes, and crescent rolls. It was nice to have a meal that wasn't a stew, take-out, or on the grill. Since I don't have a kitchen sink or dishwasher yet I have to be very liberal with the aluminum foil but it meant less washing and that's okay. The tile backsplash is >50% done and the gas stove and the other appliances have yet to be installed. But, the cabinets are basically done, too. Progress!

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  1. Wonderful to see it coming together. Hooray for the oven! Hang in there!


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