Friday, December 25, 2020

Two Steps Forward...

Spice rack built into the cabinet over the stove
One step back?

The kitchen has most of its cabinets, but one has to be rebuilt (the fake cabinet that goes around the pipe chase is not the right size). The rest are installed and look terrific. The countertops have been templated. The powder room has most of its trim done but has a little more to go and then the trim can be stained and then the walls painted and then the fixtures can be installed. Those fixtures are in, including the vanity, and hopefully the toilet will fit in the space allotted. We think it will.

Microwave dented on top...
Two days ago, the appliances were delivered. The delivery guys left before inspecting everything and we immediately found the microwave was dented and the range hood had a big scratch. Both seem to have happened before they were even packed into boxes. However, I had to call the company and immediately request they send us new ones; who knows how long that will take. 

The other bummer is that the electrician who came to the house that day to hardwire the wall oven into place tested positive for COVID the next day. So we were exposed, although I think the risk is low because he wore his mask the whole time and so did we, and the kids weren't really around him. We're now quarantined at home, awaiting our COVID tests. The contractor, his assistant, and the tiler all need to quarantine as well, and get tested, and then I'll discuss when they can return to the house. 

Shower tile was moving along, waiting for the shelves for the niche

Construction, therefore, is on hold indefinitely. Merry Christmas!

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