Saturday, January 30, 2016

Closer, Still Not Perfect

Today I made a batch of Challah, three loaves. I used instant yeast, which is what I had on hand, so I adjusted the recipe as I've been taught. That part worked just fine. The dough was mixed, fermented, shaped (rather nicely, I might add) and proofed. Based upon the result, I think I am still underproofing. The braid split apart at the top. However, it's much closer to the proper result than last week's brioche. It's a nice even golden brown and the inside texture is nice. I'll keep practicing.

I took photos as I went along in an effort to be able to recognize when the loaves were fully proofed. I guess that didn't help enough.

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  1. So, per chef, potentially underproofed and possibly the oven was too hot. Also, I didn't mix it exactly as we had in class, so try again but stick to the 2-step mixing method.


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