Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Year News

From the food perspective, not a lot has been going on.  I've been eating more than I've been cooking.  (So says the scale, anyway.)  Today I am making a batch of yogurt, with a new cup of starter.  Not too exciting.

However, the news of the season is that I am changing jobs.  I'll still be working as a doctor, but closer to home, with better hours, and only part time.  I'll be doing something completely different and, once I get settled, I plan to go back to school and learn some new things.  (More on that when it happens, of course.)  I hope to finally have my weekends back and to be home for dinner almost every night.  And to do a whole lot more cooking and baking.  And sleeping!  As time had gone on, the job I had began to consume more and more of my time.  I miss being home with my family.  I have mixed feelings about leaving, though.  I have worked 18 years at the same place, first as a resident, then as a moonlighter, then part time, then full time as the director of the pediatric emergency department.  I shall miss my colleagues, the patients, the type of medicine that I do there.  And, yes, I shall miss the adrenaline rush that comes from not knowing what is coming next, the chaos of a busy emergency department.  But this is the right thing for me.

There is a different sort of adrenaline rush to doing something new, and I'm going to enjoy the ride.


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