Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Something Exciting!

Finally I found time and fruit and energy all at the same time, and have made my first batch of jam in 2014!

The local Whole Foods had crates of champagne mangos on sale - 16 mangos in a case.  Yay!  Not only do we love those mangos, I was looking for something to do over the next few days.  So I picked up a case, 2 boxes of strawberries, and a pineapple.  In 2 hours we've already used 5 mangos.  Today's batch is strawberry-mango jam.

3.5 champagne mangos, crushed
2 cups crushed strawberries
1 box powdered pectin
6 cups sugar

This makes 8 cups of jam.

In other news, the 8 year old became 9 recently and we had a party based upon a favorite video game (Skyrim).  We had a scavenger hunt, a shield-decorating station, foam swords and even magic spells which were confetti-filled colored eggs.  It was quite the success.  Here's the cake (it's the Skyrim logo, a big dragon):

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