Sunday, July 21, 2013


My work schedule over this weekend has been very, very strange.  I worked until 8 pm on Friday and until 2 am last night (but didn't really leave until 2:30, just finishing up a few things) and tonight I'm doing an overnight.  So I slept until 10:30 am, and then my husband and I spent all day working around the house:  cleaning, painting, and canning.  Oh, and laundry.  There's always laundry!

2 nights ago we transferred the beer to the big glass carboy for its second rack.  Likely it'll be ready to be bottled by next weekend.  And I added the wine to the sauerkraut and it's in its crock with the waterseal and I'll leave it for a week and then check it.

I am trying to carve out time to finish that peck of cucumbers so I hastily made another batch of the same bread and butter pickles I made the other day.  I am now out of turmeric, sugar, and mustard seed.  I guess I have to get to the store!  Oh, and I still have about half a peck left... I guess I'll see how I feel tomorrow and try to make some other kind of pickles.

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