Thursday, October 18, 2012

Prep Day

In a few days I'm headed to a Wilderness Medicine course with a friend.  We've both been to conferences on the subject before but this is different.  This is several days of camping with hands-on experience.  And we have to bring our own gear and food.  I've set aside chili, ham and bean soup,  and sauerkraut, and today I'm making baked beans and will be canning some stroganoff later tonight.  Once I make it.

Last week I purchased 2 pounds of Jacob's Cattle Beans from Amazon.  Did you know you could get dried beans through Amazon?  You can get almost anything there.  Last night I soaked them and today I made the usual Boston baked beans with salt pork and onion - the recipe is from my Pillsbury cookbook.  They're in the canner right now - 8 pints in total.  I'll take 4 pints on the trip.  (80 minutes at 10 pounds of pressure.)

I'm also organizing my clothes and my gear and will pack it all up tomorrow.  Fortunately my gear is, for the most part, in one place so finding it all and getting it packed shouldn't be a big deal.  I just have to make sure I have the emergency day pack filled to the course specifications.  Aside from sounding like a lot of fun, it's worth 43 continuing medical education credits (CMEs) and I need 50 per year.  One credit is equal to one hour of educational time.  Most conferences give you 20 at best, so this is terrific from that standpoint as well.

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