Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wild Edibles Walk

Last night we went for a walk.

There was a wild edibles guided walk at an organic farm nearby and we braved the risk of thunderstorms to go.  The storms held off.  Our guide, Russ Cohen, was knowledgeable and experienced in foraging.  We learned about several new (to us) plants and got a refresher on a few others.

The talk covered Asiatic Day Lily buds, cleaver plants, evening primrose, pokeweed and when not to eat it (which is most of the time), field mustard, sumac, black walnuts, autumn olives, milkweed, field garlic, blueberries and huckleberries, husk cherries, black locust flowers, acorns, jewelweed, wild lettuce, sweet fern, black raspberries, sheep sorrel, wood sorrel, and a few other things.  I hope my husband was taking notes.

Sheep Sorrel
I'm pretty fired up about autumn olives after eating a fruit leather he made from them.  We have permission to go back to the farm when it is open to harvest any of the "weeds" we want, so I think there will be a trip out there in our future...


  1. My notes are here:

  2. Interesting. I would love to take one of these walks.


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