Tuesday, December 20, 2011


In the rush up to the Christmas holiday and with my often crazy work schedule I have to make a date to distribute all the homemade gifts I've prepared.  Today the 10-year-old and I pulled our red wagon loaded with jars and strolled the neighborhood.  We managed to get all but 6 delivered out of 21 names.  It was nice to see everyone, and chat a bit, and hear about everyone's holiday plans!

Tomorrow I will bring gifts for my riding partners and instructor and at some point the kids will take some to their teachers. I have gift cards for the mailman and the sanitation crew.  Thursday I will deliver 24 jars and 6 dozen cookies to work and spread some holiday cheer to the staff.  Oh, yeah.  And gum.  I bought LOTS of gum.  The ER staff really likes gum.  It might even be better than chocolate.

Well, no.  But almost.

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