Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I am not the Pasta Queen.  This -

is the Pasta Queen.

I had this little press in medical school.  Don't even ask how I found the time to make my own pasta in medical school, but I did.  Plain, spinach, beet, carrot, lemon, lime (great with margarita shrimp), pepper, oh! the possibilities!

I got married, and in our first home I don't think I ever unpacked the press.  We moved again, this time the storage area was 3 flights down, so there was no way little gizmos such as this would be seen.  We moved again, 8 years ago, and just today, I have brought out this press.  I also dug out the ravioli press, which needs to be washed.  But I have nettles.  And pumpkins.

Oh, the possibilities!


  1. I made pumpkin raviolis once with a friend in med school... they were delicious. I have one of those too, and I think I've used it once: as much as I like the idea of making pasta, I just don't eat it that often.

    I made some pumpkin puree last night and it's in the fridge, waiting to be made into pies... but I have more than I need. Hmm... pumpkin raviolis...

  2. sigh... I wish I knew where mine is! I lent it to a friend and it was never seen again... although, strangely enough, all my friends adamantly deny having it. Hmmm....
    At least I have attachments for the KitchenAid. But it's just not the same.


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