Sunday, July 24, 2011

Feeling Blue

Not "sad" blue, but blueberry blue!

A week ago we checked out our favorite blueberry spot and it was evident they would be ripe soon.  Well, with several days of 100 degree weather between then and now, we thought we'd try again today.  We spent 3 hours picking, and picking, and picking, all the while being thankful it was only 85 degrees today.  We brought home 2 quarts which have been washed, sorted, and frozen into 1-cup baggies for baking.  There are still plenty more and we might go again.  I still have so much jam from last year that I'm not planning on making a batch this year.

I also finished the half-bushel of cucumbers today.  I made 6 quarts of dill sandwich slices, using the "Best Ever Dill Pickle" recipe in the Better Homes & Gardens Canning book I bought a little while ago.  I also made 7 pints of bread and butter pickles using the recipe in the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving and then added sliced habanero to the rest and put up 4 pints of spicy bread and butters.


  1. Two words: Blueberry infused Vodka.
    Oh, that's three. But I SWEAR I have not been hittin' the Vodka. (can't say the same for gin!)

    Glad to see you're busy busy... I just finished Marion-Blackberry Vanilla-nutmeg jelly. And have more Sunshine Jam in the works.

    Much peace,

  2. Ooh. The vodka sounds awesome! We do have a plan to get more blueberries when more ripen. Hmmm...

  3. Hi Donna, Could you drop me a line via gmail acct for me to reply? It is

    Looking forward to catching up.



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