Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Fruit hybrids fascinate me. Why are some hybrids of plums and apricots called "pluots" and others "apriums?" (I know, I could just look it up. But I'd rather ponder.)

Yesterday at Whole Foods I found apriums on sale. They look like little apricots. They smell like little apricots. They aren't as fuzzy. That's about the only difference as far as I can tell. I bought a couple of pounds and today made a batch of aprium jam. It's basically apricot. I used the recipe in the Certo package - 3.5 cups of finely chopped fruit, 1/3 c. lemon juice and 5.75 c. sugar to one package of Certo. Made exactly 7 half-pint jars. Just what it said it would.


  1. It's the fuzz that makes me hate apricots and nectarines. Will have to keep an eye out!


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