Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Gift Delivery

It is time! I've been stocking up my gift stash over the last 4 months, getting ready for the holidays. There are a gazillion people on my Christmas list, I think. All my neighbors, people I work with, the mailman, the kids' teachers, the trash collectors, and so on.

Today I went to the cookie store in town (an amazing place, and one of a kind) and bought 5 dozen cookies for the folks at work, to augment the canned goods. Some of the cookies go to the ancillary departments around the ER but with about 2 dozen I made a basket for the nurses, techs, secretaries, and other staff in the ER. The cookies got individually bagged and placed among the jars of jam, pickles, relish, and some crackers (for the relish). I think it looks great - it's the first time I've ever really assembled my own basket...
What do you think?


  1. That's so festive! I've been trying to talk myself into making a gift basket for the detectives, but then think better of it. ;)

    ps. did you try to kill them with the mystery rhubarb? you didn't know that me and rhubarb "have a thing". ;)

  2. Yummy, did I send you my address?

    He he Merry Christmas my friend. Looking forward to next year!


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