Friday, October 16, 2009

Apple Pie in a Jar

Somehow I managed to set aside some time today to make the Apple Pie in a Jar which I plan to give as gifts this holiday season. (Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving.) I like this recipe - not just because it tastes just like apple pie, but also because I get to use a lot of my kitchen gizmos which normally just sit in the cupboard. Things like - my hand held juicer:
and my little chopper:
I also decided to use the fancy little jars I'd purchased from Kitchen Arts after the canning demo - they are darling and will make very cute gifts. The one-piece lids are a little strange to me. The instructions state to keep the jars in the water after processing and let it cool, then remove the jars. 9 of the 11 jars sealed properly, but 2 did not. Referring again to the instructions, they were reprocessed and are currently cooling. Hopefully they worked. I suppose if I can't get it to work properly, I can always use paraffin and then just put the lids on without processing. But, aren't they cute?
The farm share is almost done; just 2 more weeks. We loved it so much we've already sent in our money for next year. I'll leave you today with a photo of most of this weeks's share (minus the apples, escarole, and onions):


  1. we're finishing up tomatoes and our next one will be the apples.
    Two things we will be doing is applesauce and apple butter.
    If I got some left I'll do apple pie filling.

    Coffee is on.

  2. Hey, peppylady! You have been even busier than me! On your blog you mention doing pear butter in the oven - what do you do? I've only ever made apple butter on the stove and it took hours.


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