Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Last night I brought a jar of pickles, a jar of bean salad, and a jar of the Mangorine jam into work since we planned to have a sort of holiday party. After all, if you have to work the holiday, you might as well enjoy yourselves, right? Well, the Mangorine jam was really yummy, and I was really excited about it, and made sure everyone tried it.

When the doc replacing me came in, I dragged her into the break room, spooned some jam onto a graham cracker (the ubiquitous food fare of every self-respecting ER) and popped in into her mouth, saying, "Guess what's in this?" Well, she got the nectarine part, but couldn't name the other flavor. Very excited, I said, "Mango!"

Her smile faded.

"Oh. Mango. Hmm. I'm allergic to that."

As of this morning, she reported she only itched for an hour or so.


  1. What a terrible thing to be allergic to! I've still got about 25 jars of mango jam left over from the wedding. Guess what everyone's getting for Christmas?

  2. Talk about raining on your parade! Unintentionaly of course. :)

  3. Oh how horrible!!!! You don normally hear of people being allergic to mangoes.

  4. Yes, apparently mango and poison ivy run together, but that's usually just the skin and leaves of the mango. Her allergy is unusual in that she can't eat the actual fruit. Even cooked, apparently. That'll teach me not to ask first!


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