Thursday, July 9, 2009

I am Awed and Inspired

We're visiting my sister in Colorado and she has a plot in the local community garden. 10'x20' of amazing vegetable loveliness! After her first year, when she grew too much bok choy (which seems to be easy to do) and zucchini, she has come up with a well balanced mix of lettuce, peas, beans, chard, spinach, zucchini and summer squash, beets, tomatoes, bok choy, sunflowers, radishes, and I'm sure I've forgotten something. Eggplant, maybe? Before dinner, we walk out there and pick what we want. It's like a grocery store. And I have garden envy.

To be fair, there is no shade, so the garden gets sun all the time. The soil is refreshed with compost yearly. The water source is right there and it's easy to tend. The most amazing thing of all is that she doesn't seem to lose anything to critters. And there are almost no bugs. Regardless, I am very impressed at how productive this little patch is.

Since we've been out here, we've had salads, zucchini and summer squash fried in just olive oil, and pasta with chicken sausage and spinach. All amazingly fresh and tasty!

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